Using a wide range of sports therapy techniques ranging from soft tissue massage, to joint mobilisations and manipulations, to other alternative techniques such as dry needling, we are well equipped with all the sport therapy tools to help you get back on track. We treat a wide range of injuries and conditions, in which you don’t have to be a sports person to qualify for our services. Postural issues caused from hours spent on the road or being trapped behind a desk for long periods of time are just one of the common injuries we treat on a day to day basis.

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A big focus we have is on the prevention of injury, we see a lot of people who neglect niggles, tension and soreness, leading to the development of injuries. Together we create strategies for you as an individual on how best to prevent these injuries occurring, we do this in the form of maintenance treatment, mobility & recovery protocols, strength & conditioning routines, to name just a few ways in which we can help. We are here to help you stay injury free and to help maintain your intensity of training and competition, allowing you to perform to your potential.

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A huge part of what we do at JPF Sports Therapy is maintenance treatment. For a lot of our athletes and non sporting clients, keeping themselves ‘maintained’ whether that is to relax tired muscles from intense training, or whether its to improve posture from being stuck behind a desk for long periods of time it is really important for them to get regular maintenance treatment. This sort of treatment involves deep soft tissue work, ranging from sports massage to more advanced techniques if required. Maintenance treatment also plays a huge part in the prevention of injuries.

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The aim of rehabilitation is to restore you, where possible, to the same or to a higher level of performance, prior to the injury occurring . We work on reducing the risk of further injury during your return to sporting and non-sporting activity. Injury Rehabilitation involves the assessment of injury, the individuals ability to perform specific activities and the prescription of appropriate exercises tailored to the individuals needs. A big part of our rehabilitation process is analysing movement and lifestyle and how these can come together to get you back to where you need to be, or better, as well as help to prevent injuries or other conditions recurring.

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