Tailored to your needs

From day 1 this has always been the JPF moto, to me its really important that every client that walks through the doors is treated as a complete individual. As humans we respond to different situations in different ways, and that’s the same with sports therapy treatments. What works for somebody might not necessarily work for somebody else, so its really important to identify what works for that person and I think its essential as a therapist to make sure that I am equipped with a wide range of techniques to allow myself the best chance of finding what works best for you. 

I hear a lot comments like ‘no pain no gain’ this in some cases can be true, of course sports therapy isn’t whale music and candles but at the same time I believe the client must feel comfortable. My opinion is that if I was to cause a whole world of pain on that individual, the body will respond negatively by tensing up, not just the area being worked on but by the body as a whole. To get the best results the client must feel comfortable with what we are doing and the pressures we are using. This isn’t to say that a sports therapy treatment isn’t going to be uncomfortable at times because I would be lying but its about adapting each treatment to the individual and working within there limits.



This blog is only going to be a short one, but it’s a very important one, JPF Sports Therapy tailors every treatment to your needs, whether that’s finding the techniques that you respond best to, or whether its identifying your comfort zone of treatment and working within that to avoid a negative treatment response.

Our first consulation is all about getting to know the individual sat in front of us, getting to know their past experiences of treatment they have reeived prior, if any at all and assessing the individual as we see them infront of us. Together we create a treatment plan to suit you. If you have any queries please do not hesistate to get in touch.

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Thank you for reading.